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Providing information and resources for social care staff and providers relating to Covid-19 vaccinations.

The vast majority of care staff in north central London have been vaccinated from covid, including 85% of care home staff as of 5th August. We have developed these webpages as a dedicated resource for social care staff and managers to help you access accurate, credible information about covid and the vaccines.

By having the vaccination, you are protecting yourself and those around you including; family, friends, colleagues, the wider community and the vulnerable people who you care for.

How can staff find out more about the covid-19 vaccine?

The 5 north central London Councils are working with social care providers and managers to provide support they need to enable ALL staff to have access to resources and information. If you have any requests around what would increase take up for your staff please speak to your local borough lead.

 We have produced some frequently asked questions that care staff have asked us Covid vaccine FAQ - Proud to Care. Many of these questions came from care staff on the webinar we ran between December and April. You can see a recording of one of these webinars and the slide pack Here.  Note that whilst the information about the vaccine is correct, there may be some areas, such as the number of people vaccinated and where you can access vaccines which has changed since this recording.

We have also produced a Manager’s Toolkit to share tips and good practice from social care providers in north London (PDF).

We also developed a gallery of some of our inspirational care staff getting vaccinated: GALLERY

There are also a range of community champions and events for north London’s diverse communities. You can find out more from your Council’s website or via your local lead. You can also find vaccine information in a range of community languages here



Finally, local NHS services are supporting care staff by offering 1-1 clinical conversations for staff that are hesitant. Hundreds of staff have benefited from this offer. To access this please speak to your borough lead to arrange.

The borough lead from your Council.


Covid vaccine booking for social care staff

There are a range of options to book vaccines and care staff are a major priority for us and the NHS.

Anyone 18 or over can book an appointment via the National Booking System https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/book-coronavirus-vaccination/ or via calling 119.

There are also walk-in appointments at some of our large vaccination centres and primary care sites. A list of which venues are currently offering a walk-in service is available here and will be updated daily.

You can find a map of the vaccination centres: Click This Link

When you arrive for your appointment at an NCL vaccination centre, you will have an opportunity to speak to a registered healthcare professional, to ask questions about specific clinical concerns, before receiving the vaccine. In the interim, please speak to 111 about these concerns if necessary. Staff can also set up a 1-1 conversation with a clinician to address areas of concern. Please contact your borough lead to arrange this.

Mandatory vaccinations for care home staff

On 4th August the government published guidance on mandatory vaccines for care home staff and people deployed in care homes (ie visiting staff such as social workers or NHS staff). Note that further detailed guidance, for example, around how to evidence exemptions is in development and will be published in due course. Care home managers should read the full guidance carefully and put in place plans to implement it within your service. If you have particular questions around the guidance or support to vaccinate staff we recommend that you talk to your Local Authority commissioner or vaccine contact.


mandatory vaccines

The best approach to increasing staff uptake remains to persuade staff through empathy and access to accurate information and advice that addresses concerns. Care providers have done a fantastic job of this so far and the vast majority of staff, including 85% in care homes, have already been vaccinated. For some of the staff remaining it is likely that compulsory vaccinations within their job role may make them freshly consider vaccination. The NHS continues to offer 1-1 clinical conversations for any social care staff member that is hesitant and would like more information, as well as priority booking into vaccine slots.

Whilst this policy currently only applies to care homes the government has announced it will consult on extending mandatory vaccinations to other care setting and the NHS. We know that increasingly people receiving social care and their families expect to be supported by fully vaccinated staff. We therefore recommend all social care providers to continue with efforts to increase vaccination levels, many providers are at 90% +, and think about your recruitment approach. For anyone interested in working in the sector we highly recommend that you are fully vaccinated, unless you have a medical exemption.