Protecting social care workers from COVID-19 and flu

Get the winter Vaccine


Front-line health and social care workers can get free COVID-19 and flu vaccines this autumn.

All staff who work in care homes for older adults can also get the COVID-19 vaccine, even if they don’t work directly with residents.

It is safe to have both vaccines at the same time.


How to get your free vaccines

If you work in a care home, the COVID-19 and flu vaccines may be offered through your employer.

How to get the COVID-19 vaccine:

How to get the flu vaccine:

Your employer may give you a voucher for the flu vaccine which you can use in many pharmacies. Check with the pharmacy if they will accept the voucher.


Why should I get the vaccines?

As a frontline health or social care professional, you’re more likely to be exposed to flu and COVID-19. 

Flu and COVID-19 are unpleasant illnesses but for many they can be dangerous and even life-threatening. Vaccinations are our best defence against these diseases ahead of what could be a very challenging winter.

With both flu and COVID-19 expected to be circulating this winter, it’s important to boost your immunity and help protect yourself and others.



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