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Proud to Care North London provides is a free vacancy advertising service aimed at those who are looking to start or progress their careers within adult social care. Advertising roles to job seekers who are looking for employment across: Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington. For social care providers in the 5 boroughs you can advertise your jobs for free. As well as general advertising we’re working with training providers and employment services in each borough to bring these vacancies to local job seekers.

We also have a range of information to support with recruitment:

  • icare ambassadors promote roles and careers

  • Values based recruitment

  • Social media support

For providers who are already registered to Proud to Care click advertise your vacancy to upload a new vacancy or to update and existing vacancy. 


If you are new to Proud to Care and want advertise a vacancy please click the following link to register to gain access advertise your vacancy. Once you have registered you can click the link: advertise your vacancy above to gain access the Proud to Care user manual for information on how to advertise your vacancy and to advertise roles.

Ambassadors Partnership

What is an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are people working in care who explain and promote roles and careers to those considering their career options. Ambassadors are involved in:

  • various careers activities,
  • such as talks, presentations,
  • interactive group activities,
  • information stands,
  • job fairs,
  • mentoring
  • media activities 
  • publicity materials are provided!

As a London employer, you can register to join our Employers’ Partnership run in association with Skills for Care’s I Care Ambassadors initiative.  Once you are part of this you can nominate members of your staff to become Proud to Care Ambassadors.

Why get involved with the Ambassadors?

Attract more people – 1 in 4 job seekers are more interested in a career in care having heard from an ambassador.

Boost your business – When your staff share why they love their job, it will encourage others to choose or recommend your organisation.

Motivate your staff – 70% of care ambassadors feel more confident and motivated in their work as a result of being an ambassador.

Develop your staff – Becoming a PTC Ambassador is a fantastic learning and development opportunity.Cut your recruitment costs – PTC Ambassadors can help you attract more informed people.

How to get involved register your interest in joining us in the London Employer Partnership by emailing:  ICare@camden.gov.uk

Read more about ICare Ambassadors - ICare..Ambassadors

Social Media support

Information for how providers can use social media to best of it's ability in help promote their business. Skills for care (2021) state "Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube" are amongst the most popular sites used to support businesses. 

  • "Facebook can be a good choice for sharing longer and more personal posts.
  • Twitter is a great place for sharing short and snappy updates and commenting on current topics of interest.
  • LinkedIn has a business focus so is the perfect place for more business-oriented updates about your organisation.
  • YouTube are a space to get creative and catering to video hosting"

Putting the social media in social care (skillsforcare.org.uk)

Values Based Recruitment

Our values define us. They influence who we are, what we believe is important in life, the way we live and how we treat people. When recruiting people new to care who don't have prior social care experience where competency and previous experience interviewing is not as effective, exploring the values individuals hold help you uncover those with the right mindset to work in social care and to fit into your organisation. Where training and experience are something you can provide for your new starters, changing their values to fit the sector and your organisation is much more difficult. 

To make a start with value-based recruitment, Skills for Care provide guidance click here: Values Based Reruitment

Workforce development fund

How do I access funding? 

Training your staff is critical to improving the care which your organisation delivers. Skills for Care disburse Workforce Development Funding (WDF) on behalf of The Department for Health and Social Care, designed to mitigate some of the costs employers encounter when training their staff.

As a part of the Pandemic Response, employers can access free induction training in line with the Care Certificate as well as free refresher training and for their staff on assisting and moving people; basic life support; fire safety; food safety; health & safety awareness; infection prevention & control; medication management and safeguarding (specifically around isolation). The only criteria to access these is that you have created an ASC-WDS account https://asc-wds.skillsforcare.org.uk/registration/create-account. To find out more go to: 

Covid Essential Training - Skills for Care

Essential Training - Skills for Care

Essential Training - Skills for Care

Within the same funding, Skills for Care also disburse the Workforce Development Fund itself which provides a contribution towards costs you've incurred as your staff have completed social care Diplomas, Apprenticeships and select CPD qualifications. This funding is much more extensive and covers most of the training needs of your workforce. Skills for Care pay a fixed contribution depending on the qualification to employers once qualifications have been completed. The condition of this funding is that you are a social care employer and you have completed the required sections of the ASC-WDS data set and the accounts can be accessed here https://asc-wds.skillsforcare.org.uk/login once you've created your account.

The full detail as to how to access the funding from Skills for Care directly is here: Learning Development Fund

NCL Apprenticeships

Research suggests apprenticeships have mutual benefits for both employer and employees these include: 

•Staff more likely to stay 
•Staff feel valued
•Standards should improve as apprentice learns new knowledge, skills and behaviours
•Standards are written by employers – fit for purpose
•Recruited apprentices often paid a lower salary – cost saving
•Free training for staff
For more information about apprenticeships please click the link below: