Proud to Care London is hosting a campaign to support London Councils

Proud to Care has had a whirlwind few weeks. The site started as a collaboration in 5 north London boroughs with our care providers to promote care as a great sector to work in. As of early April we’re delighted to say we’ve gone London wide and are hosting a recruitment campaign in partnership with London Councils to get people into good jobs in care across the capital. We’re working hard to make the website London focused wherever possible and to give extra functionality to our new partner boroughs. We have  already supported hundreds of people across London to apply and be matched to jobs in care in their local borough.


  • One area that is taking a little bit of time is developing the functionality to enable providers from all boroughs to register and post their vacancies on the website. We’re looking at options around this and will have an update soon. This is an added extra;- through our survey  here we are still providing all boroughs with people looking for work in care every day

Below you can find numerous helpful guides to help you navigate social care within North Central London


Vaccination Faq

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) have identified priority groups and all frontline health and care workers will be offered the COVID-19 vaccine which will help protect them against the COVID-19.


Vaccination Gallery

You can find some wonderful pictures of staff all across north London, who have received their shot ensuring that the most vulnerable people in our society are protected 


North London Wellbeing

To help ensure that you and your teams can find the best resource for them we have collected together a list of local and national resources, in the interactive NCL wellbeing offer  pack ,  attached . Please do make use of this , distribute it amongst your workforce and tell us of any other useful services we may have missed  


Ambassador Network

Ambassadors are people working in care who explain and promote roles and careers to those considering their career options. Ambassadors attend various careers activities, such as talks, presentations, interactive group activities, information stands, job fairs, mentoring and media activities - and all the publicity materials are provided!


Training and development

There are multiple training and development opportunities that are available for all your staff to participate in and increase their skills 


Proud to Sing

We have an exciting opportunity for everyone to participate in a weekly event  to help raise awareness for one of the most life changing issues that can affect either ourselves or loved ones.


Information for new Carers

For new providers it can be challenging finding clients for your new business, and many organisation struggle building up their client base. below we outline a few of te best methods for new care providers to obtain clients.


North London Quiz

Each month we will be holding an exciting opportunity to get involved in an exciting new event taking place through North Central London. We are starting a NCL quiz which is free and open for anyone to join, you can compete as a team or why not have the staff vs the residents. We’re hoping this event will help connect people throughout NCL through this hard time, so not only can we can learn more about our partners across health and social care but we can have a laugh while doing so.