For new providers it can be challenging finding clients for your new business, and many organisation struggle building up their client base. below we outline a few of te best methods for new care providers to obtain clients.


  1. Council contracts
  2.  CCG contracts 
  3. Private Sector clients 


Council Procurement and Commissioning 


What is a council contract?

 The UK public sector spends an estimated £242 billion per year on  procurement,  which is the hiring of goods and services from private organisations.

This  is a massive market for any business, but can be of vast importance to care providers.


How can I get a contract with an NCL council?

Different councils will run different procurement processes to award contracts to care providers, and may also set slightly different expectations of providers in their contracts. The links below outline how in each of the 5 NCL boroughs a care provider can become a contracted provider with the local council:



Haringey procurement portal

Haringey Council also uses Adam's Demand site


Islington Council uses  the London Tenders Procurement Portal  which many other councils also use 


Enfield Council will often advertsie their Contracts on the government Contracts Finder Portal, If you would like some more information and speak to the Enfield Procurement team you can email them at


Barnet council uses the portal Barnet Sourcing to advertise their contracts.


The London Borough of Camden uses the Compete For portal


 CCG Contracts 


The North Central London CCG's use the pan-London domiciliary care Any Qualified Provider (AQP) contract as the primary route of commissioning continuing healthcare (CHC) packages.


In order to join the AQP, providers need to submit an application and demonstrate:


· Regulatory compliance

· Technical competence

· Financial stability


Successful applicants will appear on the Qualified Provider List. All package commissioned under the AQP will be subject to the terms and rates of the Domiciliary Care AQP contract.


The AQP contract opens periodically for new providers to join. Providers interested in joining the AQP should email to be notified when the contract is next scheduled to re-open. All new contract opportunities will also be displayed on Contracts Finder


Private Sector Clients


Care agencies can directly advertise to private sector clients  directly through marketing and word of mouth.

We recommend setting up a website, so clients can see the facilities that you have on offer, and are more inclined to want to have a closer look

Traditional advertising methods can be a valuable tool in securing new clients, post an advertisement in the local magazines and newspaper or  perhaps print some leaflets and post them through the door of your local community, where you might be able to entice clients who wish to stay close to their current home.  

Referrals from doctors or hospitals can also be a valuable resource for new care providers,  If possible attempt to build a relationship with these bodies as they may be more likely to recommend patents your organisation.


List of Portals