Winter Readiness Resource Pack 

The Healthy London Partnerships team have created this Document, to help prepare you and your organisation for winter with this winter Readiness Pack. For More Information Click Here


Winter Readiness Pack


Winter Readiness Webinar

The Enhanced Health In Care Home team will be setting up a series of webinars  on Winter Readiness for you and your colleagues to join


More Information will become available , and will be updated in due course

Webinar dates


Topics to be covered



Webinar 1

16th September 2019

13:30pm- 14:15pm



Flu Readiness

  • Overview RE: Flu Campaign and Vaccinations for Social Care Workers 19/20


Webinar 2

14th October 2019

13:30pm- 14:15pm



NHS 111 *6 (Starlines)

  • Promotion and campaigning for NHS 111 *6
  • Guidance information on how to use the service


Webinar 3

11th November 2019

13:30pm- 14:15pm



Managing winter illness

  • Run through the Flu Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) for Care Homes- supporting a system wide response to a Flu outbreak


Webinar 4

9th December 2019

13:30pm- 14:15pm



Winter Readiness Recap

  • Review webinars 1 to 3
  • Updates from each STP area i.e Flu Campaign, Vaccination uptake, share learning/ solutions