Working in adult social care can be a life long career because of the opportunities to enhance and develop your skills through training and formal qualifications.


You do not need to have any formal qualifications to apply for a frontline care roles include: care worker or personal assistant, domestic, housekeeper and so on. Therefore, many employers will you offer you vocational training to help you learn on the job.


Entry Level Qualifications


However if you wish to gain a greater understanding of the social care sector an entry level qualification may be right for you. Entry level qualifications support learners to apply their learning in an everyday situation, although these are not aimed at specific occupation.

Entry level qualifications are open to anyone interest in gaining recognised qualifications. In addition, these Entry Level qualification opens up the opportunity to progress further wit your education and proceed to Levels 1 - 3.


Are there any opportunities to continue to develop upon my existing qualifications?


Level 1 - 3 Qualifications


Levels one and two qualifications are equal to GCSEs and level 3 are the equivalent of A Levels. These qualifications are linked to job competence, they are suitable for many job roles and provide a good knowledge of understanding of the subject.

Level 3 qualifications can also can able you to continue with further education such as Undergraduate Degrees or Higher Diploma's.

Please see some of the institutions across the NCL which offer entry level qualifications:

The following colleges offers a range of health and social care courses from entry level 1 to level 3 with full and part-time options. These colleges offer training and qualifications which enable you to work in places such as care homes, hospices, hospitals and more. Click on the images below to find out more about the courses avaliable:

For more information about how both individuals and organisations can get support with funding courses CLICK:



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