Government advice for carers preparing for Brexit

Key messages are;

Don’t stockpile any medicines, medical devices or clinical consumables as Stockpiling causes shortages and puts other service users at risk.

if your organization currently relies on receiving products from the EU with short lead times of 24 to 48 hours, plan for longer lead times of up to 5 days


  • Make sure you are prepared to receive stock deliveries outside normal hours

  • Make sure you also have plans in place for the months following Brexit, to ensure continuity of care for service users.

  • The Care Provider Alliance has issued a contingency plan template for use by adult social care providers.

  • Make sure you tell any staff who are EU citizens about the EU Settlement Scheme, and help them apply if they need support.


Help and who to contact

 Help with supply of medicines and vaccines

  • You should continue to manage medicine and vaccine supply issues in the usual way.

  •  If you are concerned about any supply issues, whether or not they are related to Brexit, report them through your community pharmacist.

  •  If you experience disruption to your supplies after exit day then contact the National Supply Disruption Response centre (NSDR).

You can also send Brexit-related workforce queries to


Visit to find out more


  •  Freephone number in the UK: 0800 915 9964

  •  Direct line: 0191 283 6543